Gustave Caillebotte - The Floor Scrapers (1875-6)

Original on top, later version below

"Despite the effort Caillebotte put into the painting, it was rejected by France’s most prestigious art exhibition, The Salon, in 1875. The depiction of working-class people in their trade, not fully clothed, shocked the jurors and was deemed a ‘vulgar subject matter.’ 

The images of the floor scrapers came to be associated with Degas’s paintings of washerwomen, also presented at the same exhibition and similarly scorned as ‘vulgar’”.


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I feel that this is a fair question. One answer is that it is a place that values cocktail napkins highly. Another is that Cashiers is where my cousin got married last night. One of my Atlanta cousins. Given away by her mother and father, who let me stay at their house in Buckhead back in February, when I began working on a story about OutKast’s festival tour. Who knew exactly where Stankonia is located (10 mins from their house), how many other studios are on Antone St. and what a big deal it was that I was doing interviews there (largely between the hours of midnight and 4 am, to everyone’s bemusement). After I got back from Coachella, where OutKast kicked off their tour, my cousin and her fiance grilled me, registered their feelings over Andre sporting a Lovett sweatshirt that night and again reaffirmed how broad and deep and personal the love for OutKast runs in Atlanta.

When, in June, OutKast finally announced Atlanta dates and they overlapped with my cousin’s wedding, I was 100% certain that she (and if not her, her dad) was going to reschedule.

I was wrong. But she and her husband sealed the deal last night, thoughtfully, which makes it possible for me (and quite a few other guests at the wedding) to drive down to Atlanta today for the last night of something important. The bond between that city and that group is special, rare, but it’s also a grand-scale version of the relationship we all have with the first group we really fell for. That first band that made us feel like we were hearing ourselves.

I’ll be talking to people at the show and following up on interviews with the musicians involved, and on Monday I’ll report on everything that went down.

I do get that this is a dream job. 

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From Golden Retrievers to 'Grand Theft Auto' -- 10 exports you didn't know were Scottish | PBS NewsHour ›


nationaljournalThis is Scotland’s secession ballot. 

The Scots


The history of American exceptionalism, of the voice that says that God is on this country’s side, is as old as the U.S. itself.

Professor Richard White takes us back to the beginning:

God’s Country | Richard White


With grim determination. That is how you are going to go about your vacation.

Occasionally, We Get Internal Pronunciation Emails


Hi there

As we approach the Scottish referendum, may I please remind you that the correct pronunciation of Edinburgh is <ED-in-BURR-ah>

+++ if you are Scottish you can say ED-in-BRAH  +++

However it is NOT a an animal’s den “–burrow” or a  large lump of ice    “-berg”



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Kevin Beesley

Europe Editor

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Today’s the 20th anniversary of the 1994 IRA ceasefire. 

And from the BBC — Northern Ireland then and now.

[Irish Times front page from 1994 via @ElaineEdwardsIT on Twitter.]


Sarah Silverman says that most comics’ sense of humor comes from self-loathing. For her, that wasn’t really the case:  

"I think my comedy came more from humiliation… I was a chronic bed-wetter. I had this deep, dark secret. If I had to go to sleepover parties I would just pinch myself awake all night.

The…thing that made me feel the most Jewish, because we weren’t religious in any way, was that I was so friggin’ hairy compared to these Carol Reed, L.L. Bean blonde Aryans that I lived with. So there was that. You want to be funny before anyone is funny on your behalf.” 

Silverman just won an Emmy for best writing for a variety special, her HBO special, We Are Miracles